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Monachil June 2023

Trip Away



June 2023

Monachil is a village in Granada province within the Sierra Nevada National Park and the location of the Sierra Nevada Ski Resort, the southernmost ski resort in Europe. It is also popular (both in summer and winter) with nature lovers, hikers as well as skiers and snowboarders.
Monachil is located in the Vega de Granada area, only 8 km from the Granada city.

Near the village, there is a most famous hiking trail, known as “Los Cahorros” or Desfiladero de Los Cahorros. The track runs along the river Monachil, winding between beautiful rock formations, and crossing a 55m chain bridge.

We stayed 2 nights in the boutique hotel, La Almunia de la Valle situated on the edge of the village (link attached) and the Los Cahorros was easy to reach by foot. The hotel was in a beautiful setting, with beautiful views. There was a very big garden and the dogs were allowed by the pool.
in the dinner restaurant, there was a possibility for the 5-course tasting menu with fantastic local wines.

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