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In Canillas de Albaida, we love the outdoors. We hope you do too!  Canillas de Albaida offers you unique access to nature – a fantastic way to experience our countryside, whether hiking, jogging, bicycling or riding.

Our house, Casa Linnea is surrounded by breathtaking Nature Parks and mountains, and only 25 minutes drive from the lovely beaches and 50 minutes from Malaga airport.

Pia  & Johan

All About Us

Pia: “Well, I have been lucky enough to land in the job that takes me around the world…nothing beats a reimbursable trip to Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland…. Unfortunately, I haven’t been very good at keeping a travelogue, so my memories will be based on foggy memories dating back to 2001. I was born and raised in a working class in Finland and learned that nothing is given you free and you must work hard to accomplish the goals. My goals were always to travel around the world and see what it had in storage for me.  But eventually, it was not so much the quality as it was the quantity of these visits. I wanted always see the major cultural and historical parts of the place and ensure that I take the time to get out of the “touristy” areas and explore the real culture and lifestyle of a people. So far I have also lived and worked in three different countries and I am very happy that I have been able to see so much of the other part of world… but I am not done yet… I hope to be able to live permanently in my dream place  – Andalusia!  


Johan: “Originally  I am from the countryside of Sweden,  now living in Sigtuna together with Pia, Pia's son Karan and their two cats Skrotis and Sotis. Besides yoga, I love living an active outdoor life. I have spent a lot of time running, hiking and mountain biking. I am a passionate traveller taking every chance to explore nature, culture and adventure abroad.”

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