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La Taha

We have been visiting La Taha area a few times by now and it seems to become our strongest excursion favourite. We found this area by chance as we fell in love with the dog-friendly guesthouse that has its own saltwater pool and beautiful garden middle of the town of Portugos.

La Taha, situated in La Alpujarra is Inhabited by fewer than 700 residents. The area of La Taha consists of 8 unique villages. The capital of La Taha is Pitres, it's the largest of the eight towns and has the majority of the regions inhabitants, roughly 500 of the 700 total residents. Mecina Fondales is the second largest municipality which is made up of three smaller towns; Fondales, Mecina, and Mecinilla. The third largest settlement is Ferreirola, which is southeast of Mecina Fondales. Lastly are the two tiny villages of Atalbéitar and Capilerilla. The La Taha villages can all be found within the borders of the Sierra Nevada National Park, between the Barranco de Bermejo and the Barranco de la Sangre.

This area has the most beautiful tracking routes, it is green and lush as water is running around the year. the photo collection highlights the stunning landscapes, cultural heritage, and outdoor activities that make La Taha the perfect destination for walking enthusiasts.

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