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El Saltillo, Canillas de Aceituno

El Saltillo, Canillas de Aceituno

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Mountains beside of the village, Canillas de Albaida are part of 12 municipalities, all belonging to the province of Granada and Malaga (Alhama de Granada, Arenas del Rey, Jayena, Otivar, Alcaucin, Canillas de Aceituno, Canillas de Albaida, Competa, Frigiliana, Nerja, Salares and Sedella), and are characterised by the beauty of the scenery.


Alhama de Granada is the town furthest away from the park, but also the town with the most monuments, like the Moorish castle, the ancient Posito (cooperative), the Queen’s hospital, the Roman bridge and so much more to discover.


In these mountains, the predominant colours are white and grey, due to the abundant marble in the area. Although several different cultures converged in this area, the three mountain ranges have a clear Muslim influence with white villages spread out all around the valleys and mountains of difficult access. You’ll also find many ruins from the 19th and 20th century spread out along the paths and roads of the mountain passes.


Tejeda Peak reaches 2,065 above sea level and offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean coast and adjacent mountain ranges. You’ll find flowing rivers and streams come down the mountainsides with spectacular waterfalls such as Los Árboles Petrificados.  In other cases, the waters have carved out impressive canyons, locally known as "cahorros". Other outstanding geological elements are Nerja Cave as well as La Maroma Cave.


The name of these mountains comes from the Yew tree, which was very common many years ago in this area, and of which there are very few specimens left up in the higher areas. The presence of pine forests also stands out. The most well-known animal in these mountains is the Spanish Ibex, although you’ll be able to spot many other species, like different species of eagles and mountain birds, squirrels and even deer.


The landscape is spectacular from the coast to the mountains. The area is blessed with a beautiful coastline, high summits, dramatic crags, wonderfully deep ravines, delightful rivers, historic white villages and a kind climate in which grape vines, mango trees and kiwi fruits thrive alongside ancient olive and almond groves.


Nature walks are some of the most popular things to do when visiting the region. The National Park, the Sierras Almijara and the Tejeda all rise directly behind the village and offer a huge variety of walking routes. The summer weather in Canillas is very hot, so an active walking holiday during summer is not recommended as the best time to chose for a walking holiday. During autumn, winter and spring the weather is the best for a walking holiday in this area.


The walking is truly wonderful! You can access the majority of mountain walks near to the following villages: Salares, Sayalonga, Frigiliana, Nerja, Maro, Algarrobo or Torrox.


Here come some starting points:

  • Canillas de Albaida/roman bridge

  • Canillas de Albaida/Chapel

  • Canillas de Albaida/Fabrica de la luz

  • Competa/football pitch

  • Competa urbanization, Cruz del Monte

  • Casa de la Mina (driving distance - 4 wheel drive car preferable)

  • Puerto Blanquillo (driving distance - 4 wheel car must)


Principal Peaks:

  • La Maroma (2,069 m)

  • Tajo del Sol (2,000 m)

  • Cerro del Mojón (1,909 m)

  • Navachica (1,831 m)

  • Malas Camas (1,792 m)

  • El Lucero (1,774 m)

  • La Cadena (1,645 m)

  • Cielo (1,508 m)

Canillas de Albaida - Competa

Starting point: Old Chapel at the top of the village of Canillas de Albaida.

Ends: Competa - close to hotel Balcon de Competa (West part of the town)

Distance: 3 km

Difficulty: To get the highest point of the village is the hardest part of this route. After that, it is easy to walk without any escalation.


Click for the map

Canillas de Albaida – Cortijo Llands/Parrilla (return)

10 km/3 hours

Click for more information

Pico del Cielo, Nerja:

This trail can start from different points beginning from  Nerja. The easiest access is to start the route from the entrance to the caves of Nerja. It has a length of 10 km, and the difficulty is high.

Rio Verde, Otivar: 

It is located in Ótivar. This trail takes you down a path from mid-mountain terrains in the Eastern end of Sierra Almijara, until it reaches streams and the most attractive karst canyons in Andalusia, which make the source of Río Verde. During the route, you will enjoy spectacular views of the La Almijara mountain range, with a large population of mountain goats and its precious gene pool, the consequence of a large number of endemic plants the area treasures. Its length is about 7 km of medium difficulty terrain.

Salamandra in Competa is arranging tours in Rio Verde:



Fabrica De La Luz: 

Alt 1: Access to cars is possible up to the so-called “Fabrica de Luz” in Canillas de Albaida, which we can reach from the town itself. From Canillas de Albaida and returning it has a length of 8 km and the path’s difficulty is medium.
Please read more on my blog about Fabrica De La Luz
Alt 2: Starting point Fabrica De La Luz (car parking)
15 km /4 hours
Link for more details
Alt 3: Starting point Fabrica De La Luz (car parking)
11 km /3 hours
Link for more details

Canillas de Albaida – Archez – Corumbela – Sayalonga - Cómpeta – Canillas de Albaida:

Starting point: The central Square in Canillas de Albaida
22km /5,5 hours 
Link for more details

Fuente del Esparto, Frigiliana:

This tour begins in the beautiful village of Frigiliana. Once you reach the village, it is easy to spot the location of the building called “El Ingenio”, a landmark of the town thanks to its industrial past. Near here you find the barracks of the Civil Guard. The tour begins at the building’s right side. It has a length of 5 km and the path’s difficulty is medium.

Rio Chillar, Nerja: 

This walk leads you up the Rio Chillar and has plenty of shade and opportunities to cool off, making it fun for children and dogs.

It’s a very picturesque walk with cool water filtering down from the mountains in the distance. It’s not a circular route, so can be made shorter by just turning back once you have walked far enough. If you do fancy doing the full walk you’re rewarded with a series of pools at the end underneath a waterfall.

Link for more details

You can find the walking map in the house:

Order your own (5.99 GBP): Link

Wikiloc app is a recommended application for all hikers (and bikers)!

Walking groups in the area:

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