Beautiful Walk starting from Canillas de Albaida through Puerto del Collado ending up in Competa!

January 2, 2018

We arrived to our house 29 December just 2 days before the year ending. After sleeping well we decided to check some undiscovered areas to us, heading to the East from the Canillas de Albaida  and even more to the East from Competa. 


Our walk started in Canillas de Albaida, on the goat trail towards Competa.

The goat trail is the best way to reach Competa by walk. It has very beautiful views over the Mediterranean and the village's avocado plants. There are not elevation after you have reached the trail. The biggest elevation is in the beginning and until you have reached the stage 4 below.


The trail itself can be difficult to find  but please follow the google map or instructions given below:


1. Head up to Calle Carril de Santana (Canillas de Albaida) and walk upwards until you reach the cross Calle Carrill de Santana and Calle Camero.


2. Now you'll  see the dirt track on the right hand side leading upwards.