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Beautiful Rural Townhouse in La Axarquia - unspoilt hidden gem

After many years in this beautiful part of Spain I should be used to these views but I don't think I will ever got tired of this scenery!

The natural park of Sierra Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama start on our doorstep and it offers spectacular scenery from the olive and almond trees to the Atlas mountains in the distance. As the day turns to night and the seasons change so does the countryside. The colours and the cloud formations, the shadows and the light. Mountain Maroma sits behind the village and it's look changes by the hour.

Five years ago we started to build our dream. We always loved to travel in warm places. Southern Spain attracted us immediately and Andalusia is, in our opinion, a most beautiful area of ​​the Mediterranean. The sun, the diversity of landscapes and the long coastline make it an ideal destination to live in and a great holiday spot. The region West of Malaga did not appeal to us because we were aware of the mass tourism. However we were overwhelmed by a tour through the Axarquía (a region east of Malaga), still so unspoilt and such friendly people!​

When we were looking for a house in Spain, we had a wish list to make the search a little easier. The house had to be typical Spanish townhouse yet be comfortable to live in during the extremes of the summer and winter and neither of us wanted it to require too much maintenance throughout the year. Even more important was to find the best location.

Until around two decades ago the Axarquía region of Andalucía was little known. Then, northern European expatriates discovered the pretty hilltop village of Cómpeta, started buying up some of the run-down 'fincas' and farmhouses in the area and putting it on the map.Today, rural tourism comprises a large part of the local economy. However, the area is still breathtakingly beautiful and has not been spoilt by the interest and influx of foreigners.

Our journey to Andalusia (house hunting trip) had a great start with Bente and Carsten who drives B&B in Competa. The tone for a relaxed holiday was set right away. We enjoyed their wonderful Casa with wonderful views to the beautiful village Competa and mountain Maroma while sitting under a clear blue sky and sipping at sparkling Cava. We soon decided our house would be located in this area!

Canillas de Albaida, That’s our village and this is our townhouse:

Nearly two years has passed now since we took the decision and we already started planning how can we stay here longer. We had started to integrate into the local society, and as months passed we liked being here more and more. We have fallen in love with this village, its people and the traditions.The village also offers multiple hiking tracks, tracks for mountain biking.

There are many scenic routes around Pueblos Blancos of the Axarquia region to explore. Of the 31 white villages in Axarquia, we have only visited around 10, so there is still so much to see!

Pueblo Blanco/Salares:

Casa Linnea is a licensed rural townhouse in the Andalusian mountain village of Canillas de Albaida. As we still do not have the opportunity to live permanently at Casa Linnea, we rent our beautiful house several weeks a year. The house is located 65 km east of Malaga and the nearest beach is 20 km away. The house size is 150 m2 and can accommodate up to 6 people. The price is 65 € / day/ entire house.

For more information visit our website:

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