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Twilight descend slowly across the square. The swallows fly all the way down, and up, and they swish nearly at eye level. The window to the restaurant's kitchen is open and spreads seductive scents and loud of pots and pans. A little cat runs by. A dog is rubbing the table foot. I take a sip of cool white wine and read news in my mobile. Then Gustavo comes out with the lamb pie I ordered. Juicy and tasty, marinated in herbs from the neighborhood. It's just like this, I hoped it would be. I'm sitting in the our village square. The village is a whitewashed, having plenty of charm with small winding alleys and wide views from its location - 600 meters above sea level. Everywhere, colorful flowers sprinkle, they hang together in the alleys and climb along the facades - a real fireworks in red, green and yellow against the white background. Here you can relax .... The hysteria from the Costa del Sol has not reached this village. It's quiet, small and comfortable. Here you can relax, catch yourself and just be. The square offers everything you need - a small hotel on one side, a restaurant with outdoor seating on the other side. Should a need arise, one can walk to one of the other five bars and restaurants in the village. For those who want to be more active, there are plenty of hiking trails in the area. You can also go for horse riding or get around the village, greet old ladies and pet dogs and cats.Today I will stay in the square and enjoy the silence. Later on I am heading to our house's roof terrass. The views are wonderful and again I have a company of quivering swallows. From a far away I hear a dog barking, I experience a wonderful sunset and then the church bells bang again - eight times this time!

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