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Did we make a right decision ...?

Believe or not but it is now five months since we got the keys for the house. A lot of things has happened since, including the renovation, fixing the garden, moving the furniture, throwing away a lot of old stuff from the previous owners, cleaning, buying and installing various stuff. Long sweaty days, but, in every evening we made our mission to end our day with gratitude, being proud of ourselves and most of all, enjoying the magnificent VIEW at our roof-top terrace! Sooo relaxing and beautiful. We have seen the fantastic clear sky and it's stars, we have seen various birds. We have seen most beautiful moon rise, EVER. We have seen the mountains and the sky in every possibly colour!

By thinking over the past five months, there are no feeling of regrets whatsoever, but the opposite - the dream coming true is getting clearer and closer....

07 th of August 2017 full moon in Competa and seen from our roof terrace.... It was indeed a most beautiful moon! So clear one can almost count its craters and mountains!

According to the astrology, the eclipse of August 7 was a full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius. According to my horoscope, that is Aquarius, it says that the final outcome of the decision or deal I will make near August 7 should have exciting future ramifications. '

Eclipses repeat in sign and degree every 19 years.... A similar set of eclipses happened in August 1998 . Recall anything special that happened then? YES!

After many years in London I decided to move ....

Karan, my dearest son was born in Jan 1999...

I felt his first kicks in August 1998 ...

Nothing has been same ever since ....

Nothing is going to the same since August, 07th 2017 either...I guess ?

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