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La Fabrica de la Luz - Water filled caves in our sight!

Today we decided to have a walk - easy walk, as the thermometer is still showing nearly 30 Celsius! This walk is easy and quite short but it offers beautiful views of the mountains that are growing various organic products such as almonds, figs, grapes, lemons, pomegranates, olives, peaches, mint, rosemary, blackberry, walnuts and avocados.

We started this 3-hour round walk at the top of the Canillas and headed towards the La Fabrica de la Luz (old power plant). This area is an idyllic spot for a picnic, declared as an “Area Recreativa” and it has various facilities in place, such as clean bathrooms and BBQ area. Track to the factory is clearly marked, also serving as a road leading to the marble quarry, close by.

History: "The light factory" (as the local says) in Canillas de Albaida operated years 1915-1920 and gave light into Canillas, Corumbela Árchez, Daimalos and Arenas. After the year 1920 and after the war it became a flour mill.

Overview of the Power Station in Canillas de Albaida (Antonio Salguero drawing):

We returned to the village Canillas de Albaida the same way but if you wish you can alternatively extend the walk to follow the river up into the mountains near Puerto de Collado (the viewpoint in Competa). The best of this walk is that it is easy but not too easy, beautiful and really a little piece of paradise, with stunning surroundings that vary at all times of the year. The river water is running all year around and it is possible to take a dip in water caves - that we did too!

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