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Granada and Alhambra - our escape into Moorish Beauty!

After having some busy days in the house, we decided to escape and have our well -deserved break ...

Travelled from Canillas by car in around 1 hour 45 mins. Started the day in Alhambra. Very easy to find and parking very good. Our guide Juan was fabulous. He brought Alhambra to life with his passion for the place and for Granada. His stories held everyone's attention even in the heat of the day. Very enjoyable 3 hours! Alhambra is divided into three parts- The Palace, The Fort, and The Garden. You can choose to visit this place during the day or even at night when it is beautifully lit up. The first visit starts at 8 in the morning.

Learned what is stucco, what means to be in seventh heaven, seen the room for jealousness and seen the palace's reflecting bath and it's endless window frames with a VIEW !

On the opposite hill, in Albaycin, there is a perfect view over the Alhambra!

The area Albaycin starts in town and it's a bohemian part of town. It's full of atmosphere and feels quite different to any other part of this beautiful city. The nicest advice is to simply get lost... we did...And of course you find many street musicians plying their trade, hanging around the restaurant and café tables.

When the weather is clear you might catch the pink and red coloured sunset views and see the snow-capped Sierras in the distance.

Must see - Top 3:



The gipsy district of Sacromonte

Tips: Schedule a visit in quieter months, if possible, ... and book in advance ! Have another day or two just to stroll around Granada itself.

With a full of inspiration we headed down to our home village...

Must haves: We need to get one of those beautiful mosaic Moroccan lamps!

The flower expansion in Alhambra made us nearly dizzy - one thing is now for sure - we need to get plants to our house !

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