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Andalucía - we are in love - Intro to our blog

After our five “busy” years seeking the house in Spain and now finally when succeeded with it, I made it my mission to show the very best stories in places we visited and places we will visit in future. In case you hadn’t realized, Spain is a pretty big country (just look at that map!), so to gather as much experience as possible, I need most probably to retire from my current job ;-).

On our blog you will find the best collection of stories and photographs of our travels, our misadventures (of which there are certainly many) and things we generally find interesting (also many).

Experimenting is important to us. We are passionate about things like good food and wine, cooking, gardening, photographing, practicing yoga and having walks. Land of the siesta, daily life in Spain moves slowly and runs late. Many travelers can get frustrated by the limited store hours and seemingly laid back pace of life. But it’s this Spanish perspective — move slowly, enjoy yourself, eat well, and relax — which gives the country so much character – and why we are keeping coming back, over and over again.

Spain is a beautiful and interesting country with a lot of regional uniqueness and variety. This country will stay with you forever and, unlike other Western European countries, will be a lot kinder to your wallet!

We are going to publish a big amount of pictures in our blog. We love photographing and as often the picture is telling more than thousands of words...

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