Local Services

In Canillas de Albaida you can find 3 supermarkets, best fish shop in the area, bakery, butcher, pharmacy and few restaurants just behind the corner. Big and clean public pool just 250 m away (life-guarded). The average cost is 2 euro per day/adult and 1 euro per day/child and you can leave the pool for example for lunch and come back with the same ticket. Opens around 20th of June and closes around 7th of September (depending on school vacation in Spain). The pool area has also a bar.

In Competa, there are bigger supermarkets (Eroski and Dia), Fruteria, Market (on Saturdays) and a fantastic wine shop (pictured below).  Best food markets for the bigger need can be found in Algarrobo or Torre del Mar (Mercadona, Lidl).

Casa Linnea, Canillas de Albaida, Spain

Pia Inkeroinen, tel +46 70 242 88 98, email: pia.inkeroinen@hotmail.com

Johan Kjell, tel +46 73 36 653 70, email: johan.kjell@gmail.com


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