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The origins of fiestas and ferias in Competa and the surrounding villages date back many 100’s of years and all are based on traditions and customs honouring special events; be that religious occasions as in Easter or Christmas, or celebrating the harvest of grapes and making wine.

At the bottom of this page, we have listed an annual calendar of all fiestas and ferias that take place in and around Competa. There is something for everyone, young and old. Please check it out when planning your visit to Competa.


Santa Semanta (Holy Week):

The first procession of Holy Week, starts on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before Easter), with a procession through the village of a flower laden float of Christ on a donkey. The float is carried by teenagers and is extremely heavy, as indeed are all the floats.  It is most impressive to see the various Saints pass through the narrow streets accompanied by candlelight and chants. The echo of the chants can be heard all over Competa village.

Good Friday is a special day and is particularly so in Cómpeta because the whole village participates in re-enacting the Passion of Christ. The town’s Mayor, who used to be the village priest plays the part of Jesus and the villagers part take as the rest of the cast. The play is held in the main Square outside the church, after which the heavy cross is carried by the priest, to the top of the village.

The Holy week culminates on the evening of Good Friday, where several floats are carried through the village, led by the priest, band and followed by the villages with lighted candles. The procession ends at about midnight, outside the Church, in the main square, where the Floats are paraded. When the final float is returned to the Church, the doors are opened up for everyone to view all the floats.


La Noche del Vino (August 15th):

La Noche del Vino is celebrated annually on the 15th of August. It’s a tradition that originated a very long time ago and arose out of the necessity for the winegrowers to leave their homes for several weeks to harvest their grapes.

The Town Hall actually finances the fiesta and provides free wine, migas and grapes for all. Migas is a Spanish dish of fried bread crumbs served with grapes & salted cod (bacalao).

The evening celebrations start at about 11 pm and go on to the early hours.

If you are planning on visiting Competa during the first 2 weeks of August and would like to experience the thrill of mixing and mingling with the locals during this special festive time, please contact the Competa Tourist Office for more information about events and venues. Night of the wine is one of the most important summer events in Cómpeta and to get a seat for the evening’s entertainment, it is necessary to reserve one. Once again go to the Town Hall as early as possible because these seats are highly sought after.


Fiesta Espuma (August):

A foam party in Competa is one of the highlights of the year when for a week, the village is transformed into a thriving party, beginning and ending with fireworks, a fair with rides for adults and kids, paella parties and lots of foam!


Fiestas, Festivals and Local Events Calendar in and around Cómpeta:

  • 20th January, Maro, Feria del Barrio

  • 20th January, Competa, Feria del Barrio

  • 20th January, Frigiliana, Fiesta San Sebastian – the Patron Saint of Frigiliana. Villagers walk bare feet through the streets carrying a statue of San Sebastian and candles.

  • 20th January, Algarrobo, Dia de San Sebastian

  • 1st-Saturday February, Frigiliana Carnival – Villagers parade through the village with many colourful costumes and a lively atmosphere is experienced by all.

  • 3rd-Saturday February, Nerja Carnival

  • Easter Week, Competa Semana Santa

  • 3rd May, Frigiliana, Dia de la Cruz is celebrated with flowers adorning village balconies and every street corner.

  • 5th May, Almayate Fiesta

  • 15th May, Nerja, The Fiesta of San Isidro parade takes place from Balcón de Europa to Nerja Caves - in full traditional costumes, floats and oxen.

  • 18th-19th Mar, Torre del Mar, Fiesta

  • 18th-19th May, Vélez Málaga, Fiesta

  • 13th June, Frigiliana, San Antonio de Padua is a fair together with local dances celebrating the Christian reconquest on 11th June 1569.

  • 5th-7th July, Torre del Mar, Feria de Caleta de Velez

  • 12th-14th July, Benajarafe    

  • 16th July, Torrox Costa, Procession of the Virgen del Carmen

  • 16th July, Torre del Mar, Procession of the Sea Virgen del Carmen

  • 16th July, Benajarafe, Procession of the Sea Virgen del Carmen

  • 24th-28th July, Torre del Mar, Feria

  • Weekend closest to 23rd July, Competa Feria San Sabastian – a fiesta with live music and dancing.

  • 28th-30th July, Almayte Fiera

  • Late July, Vélez Málaga, Feria de la Veladilla del Carmen

  • 2nd-4th Aug, Algarrobo, Fiera

  • 4th August, Torrox Costa, Fiesta Virgen de Las Nieves

  • 15th August, Competa, Noche del Vino. Famous wine festival attracting people from far and wide.

  • 23rd-25th, Algarrobo, Mid-summer night Fiesta

  • 23rd-26th August, Frigiliana, Festival of Dance and Music – a traditional time of year for people who have moved away from the village to return and celebrate with friends, music and dancing. (You need to check for a definite date) 

  • 1st-week September,  Maro, Fiera

  • 7th September, Competa-Compo, Noche del Fuego – a night when people celebrate with fires and fireworks

  • 4th-7th October, Torrox Pueblo, Feria Migas

  • 6th October, Benajarafe, Feria

  • 9th-12th October, Nerja, Feria

  • 25th-29th October, Vélez Málaga, Real Feria de San Miguel

  • Last-Sunday before Christmas, Torrox Pueblo,  It is a tradition that this Festival is held the Last Sunday before Christmas. Migas and wine are given to visitors to the village. Hundreds of people descend on Torrox Pueblo for a day of eating and drinking.



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