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I am letting you in on my personal Top favourite beaches along Nerja coastline, starting from East to West. Nearly every one of these beaches is off the beaten track. Most of them are situated in protected natural parks. Falling under natural park status, access is restricted during the summer months. A courtesy shuttle bus is offered on a couple of the larger and more popular beaches. The smaller ones are only accessible by foot.

Playa de Rijana – Rijana beach

Moving along from the desert landscapes of Almeria and heading westwards towards the beautiful Granadino coastline and the Costa Tropical. The desert starts to give way to mango groves, avocado plantations and citrus fruits. The further west you drive, the wetter and more tropical the landscape becomes. You can fully understand why this 60-mile stretch is known as Spain’s tropical coast.

Nestled between the Sierra Nevada mountains on one side and the warm Mediterranean on the other, the resulting tropical microclimate is very pronounced. The mountains drop straight into the sea, creating an almost surreal landscape of hidden beaches, tiny coves and inlets. Driving along the old N-340 and gazing out of the window is a joy, we have often seen pods of dolphins, tuna and every turning seems to hide another beautiful cove.

One of the best in these parts is Playa de Rijana near the village of Castell de Ferro.


Playa de Cantarriján – Cantarriján beach

A place to let all hang out. Literally. Playa de Cantarriján is often heralded as being the best nudist beach on the coast, it is certainly the area’s most picturesque.

Home to the young and beautiful and the not so beautiful, access is closed during the summer months and you need to take a bus down, but it is well worth the effort. The beach bar/restaurant also offers a kicking nightlife scene, with concerts and themed parties.


Playa el Cañuelo – Cañuelo beach

A truly magical beach that sits a couple of coves along from Cantarriján. It's very hard to pick the best, but Playa el Cañuelo is definitely high on my list.

The perfect family beach, with crystal clear waters, numerous coves and underwater formations to explore while snorkelling and some great hiking (such as the walk to neighbouring Cantarriján).


Playa la Caleta de Maro – La Caleta de Maro beach

Consistently voted as being one of the best beaches in Spain. Maro beach is a paradise.

A land of hidden waterfalls, underwater caves and some of the best snorkelling around, all within a few kilometres from Nerja.

Maro Beach's younger sister. The Caleta de Maro is the lesser known and quieter cove that sits adjacent to the Playa de Maro.

Clothing optional, remote and never too crowded, a visit La Caleta de Maro is highly recommended.


Playa de Burriana – Burriana beach

Burriana is without a doubt Nerja’s most well known and best-loved beach.

Water sports, restaurants, bars…..there’s everything you’d want and some more….


Playa Carabeillo – Carabeillo beach

One of the most picturesque of all of Nerja’s beaches. Carabeillo is a firm favourite with many. Surrounded by lush vegetation, clear waters and fine golden sand, Carabeillo beach is quite a sight and should be high on any visitors list.


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